Garand Parts and More
 I have been selling Garand parts for for over 20 years starting in Southern California in the 90's, relocating the business in Idaho since 2014.  I originally sold on Ebay (dumped them in the mid 90's, what a problem!) moving to Gunbroker under BKHOSE.  I am still selling on Gunbroker listed as benvenllc and GARANDPARTSMAN. 
Over the years many of you have asked if I have a website and I can finally say yes. My goal in creating this website is so you, my customers, can find all their Garands parts in one place, one stop shopping!  All of our parts are USGI and in pretty nice shape. Those of you who have dealt with me in the past, and for all our new customers, if you ever have a problem with any part, let us know. We can exchange for another part, if available, or issue a refund.  
Thanks again for your business, Bruce